Coaches & Trainers



Meighen Hodgen

Owner, Kinesiologist, Instructor

Born and raised in Napanee, Meighen graduated in April 2014 from the University of Waterloo with a BSc. majoring in Kinesiology.  She has been a member of the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario since October 2014.  Meighen then received her personal training certificate. She opened Diamond Fitness Dec 2015. Meighen has been active and into fitness her entire life. She was a competitive figure skater her entire life and skated for the varsity team at UW. She then moved on to bikini fitness competitions where she placed 4th in the Ontario Physique Association and is qualified for provincials in August 2017

Meighen specializes in rehabilitation of various injuries and improvement of overall health. She has experience working with clients of all levels of fitness from high-level athletes to persons with disabilities.  Meighen also offers dynamic taping to assist in the healing process of injuries. Meighen teaches the women’s and fitness classes at Diamond!

Dedication. Desire. Determination”




Jason Kelly

Owner, Personal Trainer, and Instructor

Jason started kickboxing when he was 19. Jason moved to Vancouver to continue his professional career in mixed martial arts. After a hockey injury breaking his back, he had to put the career on hold. Moving back to Ontario he started personal training and then opening Diamond Fitness.

Jason is a former Pro MMA fighter and currently a Pro Boxer. Fall 2016 he again started his career in boxing and is going to continue his career. He teaches a variety of martial arts classes and private personal trainer. Jason is a Certified Fitness Instructor from the International Sports Science Association (ISSA). He has taken specific courses, including, Sports and Nutrition, Healthy Eating for Weight Loss and General Weight Loss. Jason’s training is focused on weight loss, toning, fitness competitors, bikini models, sports players, conditioning and straight up looking good!

“What Do You Train For”



Mark Loft

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Instructor

Mark Loft is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown belt under Ben Meireles of the BJJ Connection – Team BTT. He started training at the age of 18 at the Belleville Boxing Club under the tutelage of Mal Trenholm. Years later after seeing The Ultimate Fighting Championship, he was inspired to seek out a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club and discovered Bob Carver’s Muay Thai Academy in 1997 and started his BJJ Journey under Adam Zugec (now of ZUMA fame). Since then, Mark has continued his BJJ Training under Brazilian Top Team Black belt, and Judo Black Belt, Ben Meireles (BJJ Connection) and has achieved the level of Faixa Marrom (Brown Belt. In his many years as a competitor, He has competed in Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, and MMA, totaling over 100 combined Amateur and Professional matches. In addition, he has earned a CASK level 1 coaching certificate, a Vale Tudo (Brazilian MMA) certificate and the level of “Coach” in BJJ. He has used this knowledge with great success, as many of his students have won gold medals, 1st place trophies, and championship belts in many different kinds of competitions all over Canada and the US.

Muay Thai Coach

Mark is a level 1 CASK kickboxing coach with 20 years of experience in Muay Thai both as a competitor and as a coach. He began his training at Bob Carver’s Thai Boxing Academy in Ottawa Ontario, in 1997. All of the prominent Muay Thai gyms in the Ottawa area have their roots at Bob Carvers. Since that time, He has taught at such accomplished and respected gyms as Ronin MMA in Ottawa, Loyalist MMA in Belleville, and Ganienkeh BJJ in New York State. Mark has taught all levels of Muay Thai, beginner, advanced, competition and women’s classes. Many of his students have gone on to be provincial, regional and world champions in Thai Boxing.


“Train Hard, Win Easy”


Josh Henshaw

Instructor and Personal Trainer

“I am a martial artist, my base is boxing. I am also a slack-liner, and movement aficionado!” Born and raised in Napanee. I began my journey learning about health, the body, and movement from a young age. My dad who is a boxing coach was my first teacher. Since then I have had many different teachers, and continue to look for new ideas and techniques from many other sources. I moved to Alberta for 4 years to train where I focused on boxing, but also did Muay Thai, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, and mma, working with many talented fighters and coaches.

 I recently got certified through ISSA and am now a certified personal trainer. I am a movement specialist. Whether it is for martial arts, fitness & well-being, or life in general being able to move well is essential to success. My focus is on neurological adaptions that will help you have more control over your body, increasing the number of movement patterns you can do, as well as improving one’s balance, speed and power by moving fluidly.  I just want to help people look their best, feel their best, and move their best. Whether you come from a sedentary life style, looking to work on body weight & composition, or an athlete looking to build upon their skills to get to the next level.

“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep balance you must keep moving forward” – Einstein